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About Danna Productions


event planning services


We have worked with many different organizations, associations, event planners... the list goes on. Before opening our doors over 15 years ago, our entire team worked independently and had 10 plus years before that. Customer service has always been a pivotal part in our business model. Treat everyone the same, work hard each day and treat each event as it’s the most important one. Whether it’s a 10 person meeting or 10,000 it all has to work and run smoothly. We represent our name and yours and never take that for granted, so be sure your events, your clients and your name will always be at the forefront of how we do things.


We offer everything you need to make your event the best it can possibly be. Whatever you need help with, we are there to fill the gaps. Whether you need a full event plan, venue setup, renders, live streaming, or simply need audio / visual equipment, we’re here for you. Check out all of our services and the types of events we help with.

ballroom events setup services

" We learned a long time ago that quality is only questioned when something goes wrong and by then it’s too late. "


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